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I’m changing the name of my recurring In My Mailbox series to Friendly Friday Mail Call! I’ll try to post every Friday with all the fun mail I’ve received each week. I’m several weeks behind as it is, so I’ve got a bundle of snailmail goodness to share today!

These earrings arrived for me several weeks ago from my friend Lindsey of MyriadLindsey! I have received several pairs of earrings as gifts from Lindsey over the years, and I wear them all, including these new ones, frequently. I commissioned Lindsey to make these as a custom order, and I love how they turned out! The green beads remind me of dragon eggs!

My earrings came in this adorable little gift box, and since I was her first etsy order, I even got a coupon code for free shipping on my next order! And order again I shall, because she has some truly lovely stuff for sale! Check out her shop to see more!

I’ve participated in several swaps recently (as well as hosted a few), so I’ve had letters and package arriving on my doorstep every other day or so. This one from Christine L. in Illinois was for the “I Heart My Pet Letter Swap,” for which we wrote letters to our partner talking all about our pets (mine was 10+ pages long…=P). Christine did something so creative, and it must have taken her quite some time to put together: she made a little photo book with pictures of her dog!

I LOVE how it was made. I won’t show all the pages, but through most of the book, her letter is written on the left-hand page, with pictures on the right. It was really quite clever!

The letter I received from Katie W. in North Carolina wasn’t specifically for a swap-bot swap, but was in response to a letter I sent her in a new penpals swap. Not only did she send a letter, but since we both swap FBs, she also sent along four FBs, three Crams, two labelbags, and a memo bag for me to pass on! If you aren’t sure what these are, check out this link, which will explain!

My letter from Jessica A. in Pennsylvania was also in response to a new penpals swap I participated in a few weeks ago. Jessica sent along lots of goodies with her letter, including two recipes (Delicious Pumpkin Bread and Almond Ring Coffee Cake) which I can’t wait to try, three cute blank recipe cards for me to use, and five Star Trek: TNG trading cards! It’s going to be hard for me to find something equally as awesome to send her when I write back!

I was delighted to received my swap for the “first time letters are a kick in the head” swap-bot swap. This one came all the way from Emmett T. in Singapore! How cute is this envelope???

Goodies came with this letter, too! I received a blank flower memo sheet that reminds me of a naturalist’s sketchbook, two sheets of blank Scottie dog stationary, and two performance programs from Singapore, one called “Only You,” and the other “Beautiful Sunday.” How fun!

I received my swap for the “Pen Friends!” swap two days ago, and it came in a clever envelope made from a map page, from Beth L. up in Canada! She also sent along six FBs, which was a nice little surprise to receive! She wrote her letter on adorable kawaii stationary, and it is so cute!

By far the biggest swap I received was from Ann R. in Tennessee for the “Amigurumi Swap” I’m participating in on swap-bot. It came in the mail yesterday, in a big Priority box, and since amigurumi are typically small crocheted/knitted stuffies, it took me a minute to realize what it was (after a moment of panic that I had forgotten about some swap I was participating in! =P). The reason the box was so big is because of all the goodies Ann included in the box! The swap was just for one amigurumi, but not only did she send two, she also sent along a set of chopsticks (she writes in her note that they are useful for stuffing amigurumi with polyfil), a Jiffy cookbooklet (which I am very excited about, as it is chock full of recipes!), and a “fortune puzzle,” which you put together to find out your fortune (mine read: “You must do the thing you think you cannot do. – Eleanor Roosevelt”)!

The amigurumi themselves are quite cute. Ann wrote in her note that they are a Japanese food called “onigiri” (which I googled – it’s a rice ball wrapped in seaweed! Yum!). She found the crochet pattern for them online, but the bow and top hat were her own idea. ^.^ Aren’t the adorable? Their little pink cheeks are so cute! This was my first amigurumi swap (I’ll be posting about what I sent to my partner soon!), and I’d really like to participate in more of these swaps in the future if I can continue to afford the postage to send them!

For all you bloggers out there, here’s a heads up: I’ve just created round two of my Check Out My Blog! swap on swap-bot, which is a fun way to get more people to look at and comment on your blog (and subscribe, if they like it!). It’s a newbie-friendly swap, so if you haven’t ever used swap-bot before but would like to participate, feel free to join in! It’s an electronic swap so it is 100% free! Sign ups end May 4th.


Salutations, and welcome to my new blog!

I used to blog over here, and you can still find my old posts there, but from here on out, I’ll be posting at this blog address for my day-to-day musings. I also have several other blogs in the works for specialized topics (on life with a large pack of dogs, my love of toys, hippie topics), and I’ll add links to those on this page as I get them up and running. My intention in multiple blogs is helping people find content the like without having to wade through the variety of other topics I enjoy writing about.

This blog is namely intended to keep friends and family updated to my goings-on, as I feel most people who don’t know me will find my personal mish-mash of topics from my daily life to be a bit boring. It will also serve as simply a place for me to write things out, since writing serves to clear my mind and help me find direction in life. If however, you find yourself enjoying my musings, by all means, feel free to visit as frequently as you wish.

I’m not always good at updating my blog frequently, but as I have lately been feeling a detachment from social media, I suspect I will find myself drifting over here to share my witty quips, daily treasures, and creative endeavors. I am in the process of re-training myself to write longer blog posts as opposed to a few sentences shared on Facebook, thereby enabling myself to sit and write once a day instead of succumbing to many precious minutes wasted doing nothing on Facebook. I am hoping that in this I will be able to utilize my time better, having more time for productive activities which I can, in turn, share with you here. I will, of course, still be making appearances on Facebook to let everyone know when a new blog post is published and to offer up the occasional chuckle, but by and large, I hope to keep my presence here in blog-land. Wish me luck in this endeavor!

That is all I will say for now. I hope to see you back again in the future as this blog is fleshed out and filled with curiosities, quiet wonderings, adventures, and, hopefully, imagination and beauty.

Your friend,