Salutations, and welcome to my new blog!

I used to blog over here, and you can still find my old posts there, but from here on out, I’ll be posting at this blog address for my day-to-day musings. I also have several other blogs in the works for specialized topics (on life with a large pack of dogs, my love of toys, hippie topics), and I’ll add links to those on this page as I get them up and running. My intention in multiple blogs is helping people find content the like without having to wade through the variety of other topics I enjoy writing about.

This blog is namely intended to keep friends and family updated to my goings-on, as I feel most people who don’t know me will find my personal mish-mash of topics from my daily life to be a bit boring. It will also serve as simply a place for me to write things out, since writing serves to clear my mind and help me find direction in life. If however, you find yourself enjoying my musings, by all means, feel free to visit as frequently as you wish.

I’m not always good at updating my blog frequently, but as I have lately been feeling a detachment from social media, I suspect I will find myself drifting over here to share my witty quips, daily treasures, and creative endeavors. I am in the process of re-training myself to write longer blog posts as opposed to a few sentences shared on Facebook, thereby enabling myself to sit and write once a day instead of succumbing to many precious minutes wasted doing nothing on Facebook. I am hoping that in this I will be able to utilize my time better, having more time for productive activities which I can, in turn, share with you here. I will, of course, still be making appearances on Facebook to let everyone know when a new blog post is published and to offer up the occasional chuckle, but by and large, I hope to keep my presence here in blog-land. Wish me luck in this endeavor!

That is all I will say for now. I hope to see you back again in the future as this blog is fleshed out and filled with curiosities, quiet wonderings, adventures, and, hopefully, imagination and beauty.

Your friend,